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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Speak Up Sooner Than Later

A report I heard has been gnawing at me. I mentioned it to a colleague. In the past, I would bury it, but it would keep arising. This time, however, I'm going to bring it to the attention of someone who may have impact over the situation. The person may disagree with me, but if I don't speak up, the issue will persist and it will gnaw at me and at others too since it's seemingly an issue of justice and fairness.

Yesterday when Guy Peartree visited our school, he portrayed Frederick Douglass. He emphasized, using Douglass's words and examples, the need to speak up in the face of injustice even if the injustice is small as small injustices, when not addressed, generally become greater injustices. I will speak up sooner than later with regard to the small injustice. It could be that the facts reveal that it's not an injustice at all, but simply an issue that has not been communicated accurately.