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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Data Determined Decisions

How does data affect your decisions?

For example if you are choosing to spend dollars on extra programs, how do you make an informed decision? Does data play a role?

I'm a big fan of data when used with credibility.

For example, I reviewed a host of quizzes last night to find that there were a number of gaps related to proficiency--gaps I'll work to bridge this week as students work towards mastery. Data, in this case, pointed to needed study--study that will impact students' learning in a number of positive ways.

Data use is still relatively new with regard to our mindsets. We are often easily moved by conjecture, hearsay, dramatic events, and stories more than the actual data. Yet, when you look at the data, it changes your perspective. For example the news stories that often get the most coverage don't match what data shows us, but instill responds to our base instincts, fear, and sensationalism.

Data determined decisions are important, and the more we can retrain our brains to consider the data in honest, transparent, and collaborative ways, the better we'll be able to serve our students and others.