Monday, January 23, 2017

Reviewing and Correcting Errors

Every educator you meet imparts valuable wisdom. One of my colleague's signature teaching/learning trademark is the fact that she makes the time for students to thoughtfully correct errors.

I made that time today. First we reviewed the common errors on the math assignment, then each child had a chance to look over his/her paper and make corrections to their errors. The conversations were rich as students puzzled over their corrections. There was need for considerable coaching as the assignment created a "brain crunch" for some students. One student, in particular, mentioned that her brain hurt. I empathized since I spent a large part of Sunday on a similar "brain crunching" assignment.

There are so many ways to teach well--it's not a cook book craft, but instead an art and science that relies on data, observation, intuition, education, and relationships. There's lots to know. Many decisions to make, and lots to learn too.

How do you foster students' ability to review their work and make corrections, edits, or improvements? In what ways are students invited to deepen their study in order to make it better, more meaningful and impactful? This is a good point of conversation for any group of teachers as we work together to hone our craft. Onward.