Monday, January 23, 2017


The learner was clearly puzzled. We had reviewed the material, but there was no foundation for it to stick to. The learner is bright eyed and eager--there's no reason why she can't form a strong mathematical foundation. What's the teacher to do?

I'll re-look at the developmental checklist I have for math foundation. I'll move up that ladder with one good learning experience after another. I'll listen carefully to the learners reflections, connections, and questions as we move along.

The challenging part of this effort is making the time. I have to think carefully about how we'll carve out time for this. I've got some ideas to explore.

Clearly when puzzles and needs arise, they challenge us to think differently with colleagues, families, and students to remedy the situation. I like to problem solve, and this will be the puzzle I'll focus on right now. Onward!