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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Musings: January 13, 2017

It has been a very busy week at school. There's been lots of teaching, lots of meetings, and lots of planning and preparation.

Where are we headed in the week ahead?

Homeroom Day
Now and then our team stops the typical rotations and routine and plans a homeroom day. During next week's homeroom day we'll focus on our study of the historical mentor, Frederick Douglas with the lens of good character. We'll focus on character attributes, Douglass's life, and how we can both study about and use a historical mentor to lead our own living and decisions.

Math Focus
Students will continue their math focus on decimal study and problem solving. We'll work together and as individuals to learn.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 
I'll re-look at my homework for my SEL study group and make some updates. Similarly I'll attend an SEL focused professional development event on Wednesday with colleagues to learn more about SEL integration in the teaching day.

I'll spend an afternoon at the DESE TAC Meeting on Thursday. At the meeting we'll focus on a large number of items, and I have some homework to do to prepare for this meeting.

Files, Organization, and Report Cards
I have a host of student papers to organize. My old file drawer rolling cart is falling apart, so I'll purchase another file to help me out in this regard. I'm not quite sure when I'll find time for this administrative work, but I suspect there will be time for this on Tuesday.

Reading RTI
I have a few assessments to give and more reading prep and work to do with my small, enthusiastic group of readers.

Math RTI
We'll continue our work with division and problem solving.

Report Cards
It takes time to write those report cards, and we have no official time for the task. I suspect that I'll do that a week from Sunday and Monday night.

Decimal Assessment
Students will take a decimal math assessment the following week and we've got a bit more study to do.

Attributes of character is the student theme this week, and that's a good theme for me as well. Onward.