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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Deep Teaching and Learning

Deep teaching and learning means reaching in and looking for ways to uplift the program. As I think about that, I recognize the following efforts:

Classroom Organization
I keep saying that over and over again because I don't want to make substantial time for a classroom update. The classroom needs have illustrated the need to update organization and routines to make materials more accessible and easy to put away.

Targeted Support
As I teach this year's curriculum, students meet the expectations in many ways. Some exceed the expectations and require enrichment, and others struggle with particular parts of the expectations requiring extra help. There's lots of differentiation required to give everyone a challenge and also meet expectations.

Clear and Concise Record Keeping and Communication
We work with multiple professionals including coaches, specialists, guidance counselors, administrators, and assistants. We pool our resources to serve all the children well. In order to work together it's important that we share clear and concise communication in speaking and in writing. We don't have the time for too dense or confusing information. Sometimes checklists can be a way to support this kind of communication.

Good Planning
Carefully planning the teaching efforts and activities helps to set the stage for success.

Time for Class Meetings and Communication
It's important to make time for regular class meetings and communication to foster team.

Revisit the Schedule and Routine
Make necessary changes in order to make rich learning possible as much as possible.