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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

World Vision?

As I watched people leave their homes in Aleppo, I worried and felt powerless.

What should be done? What should have happened? How will we deal with future events in this regard? What is our responsibility as a country, as individuals?

I think, as a world, we have to rely on human rights doctrines and protocols set forth by the United Nations. We have to seek that institution's growth, progress, and support to come together to protect and promote the world's people.

When people are satisfied to let children suffer and die, there's a huge problem. It's a big enough problem to allow adults to suffer and die, but when humanity allows children to suffer and die, we're in big trouble.

So first, I think we should come together for the world's children and protect and promote those children in ways that will create a better world for each and everyone of those children and for our world.

Of course, this is a HUGE issue, but we can't be afraid to tackle huge issues--we have to speak up and act.

What are you doing?

What should others do?

What laws can protect and dignify humanity?

How can the countries of the world come together to support all people, especially children?

So many questions, so much inequity, so much to do, but we can't be afraid--every act matters.