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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rebooting the Teaching/Learning Year

Relatively new initiatives and directives have steered the teaching ship in a new direction, one that I suspect will bring us over wavy waters since the directions are not fully supported by research or effect. Yet, I'm tasked with sailing the ship this way. How can I chart this course and still teach well?

First, I will assess my students well and create a good map of who they are and what they need. At this point I know them well, and also have many resources with which to teach. I'll will use the data to navigate the teaching waters in order to meet every child where he/she is and forward the learning possible.

I'll let the captains sail the ship as I have no authority in that regard, and as they sail, I'll keep my students' needs and potential at the forefront of my mind and work. Onward.