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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Don't Lean Too Much; Instead Find the Leaders in your Midst

When you lean too much on an individual, practice, or idea, you may actually destroy it. Again, there's balance to how much we lean on those we love, the ideas we cherish, and the practice we use. It's a dance, a give-and-take, a wait-and-go motion of not too much, but just enough--the right amount.

Concerned greatly by an issue in my midst, I reached out, only to realize that those I lean on weren't open to the conversation. They're tired of talk of social justice and equity. I'm not surprised as it's been a challenging fall of advocacy with regard to politics and other related matters in multiple arenas.

As we lean, we have to also offer ourselves to others too so they can lean on us. We have to be cognizant of the leaning quotient, and somewhat practical about what's possible and what is not. Sometimes what we desire is far from our reach, and we actually suffer as we try to reach, make better, speak out, and advocate for change.

I am heartened by the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. His words always give me direction, comfort, and consult. There is much to do, and there are countless paths available for this work. The challenge is choosing the good paths, aligning with colleagues, and finding our way--a way that is true to a positive, collective mission of dignity and care.

Who are the strong among us that work for greater good and justice? Who are the brave and courageous people that lead us forward with action and speak--the ones that walk the walk to betterment for all? I will continue to seek these truthsayers, leaders, and comrades--the people who will take us forward with their inspiration.