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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Part of a Bigger Team

What does it mean to be part of a team?

What are the obligations of team members with regard to share, effort, contribution, and development?

How does the team support one another?

What makes up worthy support, and what is considered unsupportive?

Who are the team leaders?

How do they inspire and effect advantageous effort, development, and effect?

How and when does the team come together, and what does this collaboration look like and do for the entire team?

There are teams within teams in organizations. Each team affects those within the group and those in the groups they mix with.

No one will always have their way, and most likely, no one will be without choice and voice too.

At best, the team works together to forward the best possible effort to grow their work together.

As a team member, I keep finding my role.

First and foremost my role is to teach the children within my charge well.

Next my role is to support and respond to the children's families in ways that benefit the children.

After that my role is to read, research, and embed that work into my daily teaching efforts in order to innovate, teach better, and develop my craft.

Then my role is to share with my colleagues, collaborate, and encourage individual and collective best effort.

The role involves advocacy too--speaking up for what is right and good for children, schools, and the community, and this advocacy requires good listening. What are the individual members and collective groups in the learning community saying, thinking about, and prioritizing, and how does that affect the work I do with and for children?

Further my role is to be a respectful member of the community, one that recognizes I am one voice among many with one role that is both singular and plural at the same time.

Whether it be at work, in our neighborhoods, within a family, a community, nation, or planet, we all belong to multiple communities--communities that are truly teams when they work with best effect. This is important consideration with regard to the work we do and ways we do that work every day.