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Friday, December 09, 2016

Letting People Down

I don't like to let people down. In general, I aim to meet deadlines, complete tasks, and follow through with plans and promises.

Recently someone let me down, and their actions created a lot of extra work and worry for me. This action has had a trickle down affect on the other aspects of my work and effort. This is what happens when we let people down.

Yet, life happens, and everything won't always go as it is planned. Differing expectations, abilities, time, responsibilities, and outlook will affect the daily work we do alone and together. When several of these events happen at once, it's time to reset the agenda, patterns, and routine.

In general, I like to stay ahead of and on top of expectations. I was a procrastinator as a young student, but changed that pattern during my first job after college. Since then I generally try to stay ahead of the curve, but the changes around me this month have prevented that--changes both professional and personal in nature.

So what's a teacher to do?

First focus on the main charges of family and students. That's easy for me as those two groups always take first place in my life without the need for extra motivation.

Next focus on all the other tasks I've signed on to, many that require deep research, thought, and advocacy. These are the events that need to be rerouted and rescheduled. Thankfully the holiday break will give me a chance to catch up with the SEL study, ESE research project, Frederick Douglas study, and some curriculum preparation. It's too bad that the holiday break is only a week long this year as that's not much time for the family and professional responsibilities, but it's certainly better than not having a break.

Our work as educators is extensive as is our opportunity to develop our craft. Similarly for those of us that are moms, wives, friends, daughters, siblings, there's lots to do too to support those we love and care for. It's a busy world, and like most people, striking the right balance of effort and obligation is important in this regard.