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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Good Work Matters

I often look at my blog analytics to see what posts people are reading, and then I typically reread those posts.

Today as I read some of my past posts, I realized once again that good work matters. The posts that explain learning events that my colleagues and I gave extra attention to and planned carefully were posts that described good work--work that mattered.

My colleagues and I made considerable time this summer and last spring to think ahead to this year and we carefully planned a number of learning events to meet students' interests and need. Our planning was well thought out and targeted.

Some of what we planned has come to fruition, and some has been obstructed by costs, time, and other obligations that were added to the plate since our planning meeting.

It's important to think holistically about the learning program with good time and effort. It's important for school schedules to create ample time and support for good programming and teaching efforts. It's similarly important to listen to teaching teams to hear what they see, need, and desire--teachers generally know their students well and are working tirelessly to do what they can to promote each and every child.

The processes we use to plan and think about teaching/learning programs matter and when these processes are well timed, they result in good work, work that supports students well.

When the new year takes hold, it should be a time to continue this year's plan and a time to begin to think about next year's plan--what's working and what can be changed for the better. When change and betterment is planned and discussed with good lead time, it typically results in good work.

As the year continues, my team will stretch to meet our cultural proficiency goals, goals we've already started with early year efforts and focus. We'll be reading and studying Frederick Douglass, visiting The African American History Museum, and hosting a Frederick Douglass living history presentation. Thanks to our local WPSF, we received funding to support this learning. This is good work that matters, work that we'll focus on in the coming weeks.