Saturday, December 17, 2016

Focus Forward

Before any big event, I like to look forward. It serves to clear my mind for the big event to come. In this case, the big event is actually a number of wonderful events related to celebrating the holidays with those I love.

The focus forward finds me with the following goals, goals I've had for a long time:
  • Learning as much as I can about teaching and learning math well. 
  • Learning about and advocating for the best possible school programming--programming that's equitable, engaging, empowering, and successful with regard to academic, social/emotional, and physical success and well being.
  • Contributing to and participating in positive professional learning and organization activities and events with good energy, positivity, and collaboration.
  • Making time for the personal and professional events and activities that boost energy, knowledge, and effect.
Keeping a good balance of the activities above is essential to reaching these promising, ongoing goals.