Saturday, December 17, 2016

Don't Be Fooled

Don't be fooled by narrow scope and limited vision.

As much as possible take the time to get a broad view, look deeply, and find out the facts of the matter.

Also don't be satisfied as better and optimal are out there.

Don't be satisfied because of ease or familiarity, but instead reach for what holds promise and potential for a better job, effort, contribution, or vision.

There's much to know out there, and there's good reason to take the time to collect the details in order to make a good choice.

Generally I try to stay abreast of the information available.

I follow many good thinkers, readers, and active citizens to see what they say.

I consult those I trust with questions such as, Am I the only one who sees this or thinks this? What other points of view are out there? Am I mistaken? Can you clarify?  I don't want to promote or travel down paths that are not true or right--I want to go in the best possible direction.

So don't be fooled, satisfied, or hasty with regard to important decisions. Make the time to find out all you can before making your decision.