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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Strategies for Successful Effort

In all like most educators everywhere, my goal is successful effort.

In that regard, there is much to remember as I develop craft.

Currently I don't want to forget the following.

  1. When you don't understand what's expected, respectfully ask questions. 
  2. When you are addressed with conjecture, hearsay, and unwarranted negativity, stop the conversation and ask for clarity. Seek the truth of any facts, stories, and underlying issues.
  3. Always remember that everyone is focused on doing a good job by children (Yes, I believe this is true in the organizations with whom and for I work)
  4. Streamline, organize, simplify, and make accessible analysis, research, fact, and opinion as much as possible. 
  5. Continue to develop craft, programs, and service to students and the profession.
  6. Strike a positive personal/professional balance.
  7. Be choosy about the professional events you join as time has limitations.
  8. Continue to set and reset vision as you move along.