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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Responding to a Challenge

Challenges big and small will happen all the time in life.

It's how you respond to these challenges that matter.

As I think of challenges I'm facing as well as challenges those I love face, I'm thinking about the best way to face challenges.

Challenges are a wake-up call, a time to reassess and rethink our path.

It's important to figure out to the best of your ability what part of the challenge you own. For example, with a relative's challenge related to illness, he owns little of that challenge. Yet with regard to a child's challenge with his/her grades at school, he/she may own quite a bit.

So step one, own your part. None of us are without weakness or imperfection, and it's important to own your part with as much truth and understanding as possible.

See the challenge in view of the big picture. How big is this challenge? Where does it fit into the big picture? How much time and energy does it warrant?

Next reach out to others for consult, wisdom, support, and help. It's rare to conquer a challenge alone, but when we work together to solve a problem, the problem is usually solved with success. Show gratitude to those who support you in this work.

After that, set the path to betterment. If possible travel the path with the support of others who can help you stay the course.

Life is filled with challenges. We own some of those challenges more than others, and it's important to keep perspective with regard to the size and impact of the challenge.

Not long ago, a very loving and kind person shared a challenge he faces. When I heard the challenge, I couldn't believe how small my challenges were in comparison. This too was a wake-up call for me. Onward.