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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Navigating a Changing Landscape

Our landscape will change.

Age, job/family changes, politics, the economy, and multiple more ongoing factors will continue to change our landscape, and the question remains, how do we navigae this ever changing environment of expectations, potential, and possibility.

Own the Past
As we move into new lands, we can sometimes be anchored by our past. As we learn and grow, we recognize past transgressions, error, and flaws with greater acuity. The past happened, and while it's good to reflect on the past and use that reflection to inform your forward direction, most of your energy should be focused on a positive today and future.

I can think of many past efforts and challenges I wouldn't repeat since I know better now, but I also realize that we learn as we go along and what we did one day may not be what we'll do today since we have greater understanding and skill.

Know What You Value
As we move forward, our values gain clarity. Who is it that we want to be, and how does that exemplify the values you choose to honor and carry out in your work.

Move Forward
There is great satisfaction in learning and developing the work you do, and in schools that means doing work well so you serve children and families well. There is also important work with regard to contributing to dynamic teaching/learning organizations.

Be Open Minded and Flexible
Change is a constant so be open and discerning with regard to change. Be flexible and ready to embrace new challenges as well as steadfast with regard to upholding good values and focus in all that you do.

What Does This Mean For My Own Teaching and Learning?
I value working kindly and cooperatively with colleagues to provide the best possible programs for students. Fortunately I work with a dynamic grade-level and school team of colleagues. I've spent considerable time on professional learning in the years past, and while I will continue to learn, I want to spend more time applying what I've learned to develop the classroom community and academic development for every child. I also want to continue in ways that I can with the greater teaching/learning community online and offline.