Sunday, November 27, 2016

Developing Skill and Focus: Multiple Learning Paths

I explained to students that we're all on multiple learning paths and for each path we're likely at different places. I used the image to the right to explain this notion. We are never "there" when it comes to learning as there's always more to learn. What's important is to recognize that there are multiple learning paths, we are at different places on each path, and we make important decisions with regard to forwarding our learning on each path. For example in the image on the right you can see that my "skiing" path has stopped for now, but the other paths I illustrate continue for the most part. This is a rough sketch, and if any of us were to truly draw all the details related to our many, many learning paths, the image would be far more complex. In fact, it might be informative and helpful to have students draw their own learning path map as that would help students to think deeply about what they are learning and how they feel about those paths, and it would also help teachers to know and teach students better.

As I consider my many paths, the one that I wish to enrich the most right now is the path related to collaborative efforts. I believe in team, and I believe that team is at the center of potential when it comes to building dynamic teaching/learning communities.

I've taken up a lot of air time when it comes to teaching/learning, and now I want to listen more, think, and elevate those around me. I will add when I think it's important, but I'll listen a lot more to understand better how we might maximize each others' contribution to support children and their families well.

How will I make this visible in the days ahead.

Salary and Working Conditions Meeting/Union Board
Educators will meet several times in the days ahead to discuss what they need to teach as well as they can. I have thought a lot about this. I want to listen carefully to what my colleagues have to say in this regard. I'll take good notes, listen, and add if I think it's very important to add as I've already shared many thoughts and ideas online and in real time.

Math Education
Similarly I've shared a lot of ideas related to teaching fifth grade math. Now it's time to listen to what others have to say.

Team Goals
Similarly I've had a lot to say and do with regard to our grade level team goals and efforts. It's time to listen, think, and decide how I might contribute more and better.

Same as above.

As I listen, I'll think deeply about how we might elevate process so that we enlist the voices and knowledge of many to make best possible decisions to serve students and families well. I'm looking forward to this learning goal, a goal empowered by the Dalai Lama's three words: tolerance, patience, and compassion. Onward!