Sunday, October 30, 2016

There's Rarely a Quick Fix: Election and More

Humans by nature seek the quick fix, but rarely is there a quick fix to complex problems and issues.

As campaign rhetoric fills the air waves, it seems to me that Trump's sound bites simply want to relay the quick fix without any real plans or depth whereas Clinton's experience demonstrates the depth needed to solve real problems. Those who have truly made the time to serve are more clearly imperfect than those in the private sector who have mostly served themselves--it's easier to hide behind private sector activity than it is to do your work in the public light. Public work is mostly transparent whereas private work is often hidden.

It's not a simple world, and most good work depends on deep, thoughtful strategic process, not the quick fix. We fool ourselves when we trust words that sound good but have little to no depth behind them.

We waste time in matters big and small when we rely on the quick fix. We do better to recognize that problems, issues, and ideas take time and good process. When we deny taking the time to inclusively and transparently look at process upfront, and then determine good process to solve problems and make things better, we waste lots of valuable time and potential.

We also waste time when we stand on the sidelines criticizing or staying silent. Good critique helps process, but constant negativity does not. Silence also does nothing to make good change.

Good change comes when people come together with their best intent and energy to make change happen. We all  have to be part of the solutions to the problems big and small that we face in our personal and professional lives. We also have to come together as a country with every citizen doing their part to the best of their ability to forward a strong union and democracy.

There's rarely a quick fix, but there's often a strong, positive fix if we give problems our best energy, collaboration, honesty, and positivity. Onward.