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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Learning Program: Student Stats

As I prepare for parent conferences next week, I'm considering a host of student stats including the following:
  • Online learning data
  • Assessment data
  • Student portfolio comments and reflections
  • Program efforts to date
  • Home study and class efforts
  • My own reflections of each students' efforts and performance
  • An overall analysis of the program
It's good work to analyze all of the points above, and in general, I'm finding that most students are getting the learning and support they need while we can better target our collective efforts with regard to a few.

Thankfully we have substantial support this year, terrific tools, and a good schedule. The key is to maximize the time, support, and tools to help every child reach as much mastery in the most positive and engaging ways possible.

As we share these statistics with family members, we'll listen to their thoughts too about how we can continue to coach and lead their children forward. 

This is positive work, work that benefits from our collective effort, investment, and collaboration.