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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Shared Teaching: Tech Connect & Flex

Our shared teaching model at fifth grade profits from the ways that technology connects our efforts while also providing optimal flexibility too.

On October 19th, our teaching teach will present our shared teaching model and the way that technology empowers that model at the MassCUE 2016 Conference: Global Connections: Digital Learning.

Specifically we'll demonstrate the ways that technology helps us to promote the following teaching/learning efforts:
  • Celebrating each child's identity, individuality, voice, and choice
  • Bringing the Learning/Teaching Team of students, families, colleagues, administrators, and community members together with regard to information, decision making, and collaboration.
  • Creating a virtual classroom
  • Streamlining paper work and building greater time for teaching and learning
  • Differentiation, Personalization, and Collaboration
  • Connecting, sharing with, and learning from teachers and learners throughout the world
  • Reflection and professional learning
While it was possible to successfully promote shared teaching models in the past, the technology today maximizes what's possible with these models--models that promote greater collaboration, less isolation, and better teaching and learning.

If you're interested in sharing what you do with your shared model or what you would like to do with the combination of a shared model and technology integration, please consider joining us on 10/19.