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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Three Words: Teach ALL Children

Today at the MassCUE conference, my grade-level classroom teacher colleagues, Jaclyn Mattson, Alyssa Candini, and I will present our shared teaching model and the ways that technology helps us to connect, create, and collaborate. We welcome you to join us.

We will begin the presentation with a video we created at the start of the year to build community. In the video, students share their "Three Words," words that capsulate what they believe and who they are. We'll each use three words to introduce ourselves and ask the attendees to share their three words too if interested. As I think about the presentation this morning, I chose the words, Teach ALL Children, as my three words. I've chosen those words because that's my overall aim in teaching and because that's a strength of our shared teaching model. The fact that we are able to collaborate together and maximize our individual and collective experience, skills, interests, and talents helps us to teach better and that matters.

We'll discuss many aspects of our shared teaching model and the technology we use during the day. If you would like to get a preview, please take a look at our presentation below: