Saturday, October 29, 2016

Living and Learning Patterns Rethink

It's time to rethink the living and learning patterns.

There's been a lot of positive and not so positive challenge in the past few weeks.

First of all there's been substantial professional learning which has been mostly a positive challenge including MassCUE attendance/presentation and ECET2-MA2016. I learned a lot!

Then there's been a fair amount of curriculum debate and discussion, some positive and some not so positive.

With all that behind me, how shall I move forward?

First, I want to be mindful of the word joy, and seek that experience in the choices I make and professional/personal decisions I make. Deep learning, caring collegiality/friendship, authentic problem solving, creativity, nature, friends and family bring me joy. I want to make that part of my pattern every day.

Next, I want to be mindful of service. My favorite part of my job is serving children well. I want to make sure that I make plenty of time for that as well as the learning and collegiality that feeds that aim.

After that, personal health and living. There's lots in the personal sphere that brings joy and I want to make sure I make time for that.

Sometimes I steer into the storm of controversy, debate, and innovation, but in the near future I'll steer my teaching/learning ship towards greater joy.