Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Musings: Last Friday in October 2016

Two very busy weeks melded into one, and now the weekend is here. I'm ready to have some quiet time after the very inspiring, challenging, and busy, busy weeks.

Fortunately the students are full of positive energy. They worked carefully on their showcase portfolios today, and have given recent studies good energy and practice.

I'm looking forward to focusing in on the classroom and students in the next few weeks without the added professional learning events. The next event doesn't occur until January and by then I'll be ready for another round.

Next week the attention will be directed to parent conferences too. Our team will meet with almost all of the parents of our fifth graders. We'll discuss students' strengths, needs, and goals. We'll also set goals as we look ahead.

I'm also looking forward to supporting my colleagues in ways that I can. Onward.