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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Edcamps, ECET2s, Google Training, Webinars, Online Conferences/Courses. . .

There are so many ways to gather and learn today.

A quick glimpse of the professional learning rosters in your area will most likely lead you to that conclusion.

Educators could professionally learn around the clock, and this opportunity has elevated the work that we do with students.

One reason that I don't think we're hearing a lot of conversation about education during this election is that schools in many places are doing a very good job.

Can we do a better job. Yes, of course, there's always room for improvement.

I want to continue to see the variety of professional, accessible learning opportunities remain. This is good for our professional collaboration, share, and learning.

Then, I believe that the next step is to look at our structures in school. How can we maximize the way we work together and teach children to do the best possible job. The more we transform the "factory systems" that exist and replace those with dynamic, distributed knowledge age models of teaching and learning, the better able we'll be to serve every child well.

Today, when I attend Edcamp Malden, I'll be listening to what's on teachers' minds and what arises as the most important topics of interest. I want to know what's happening in other schools to uplift students and teach them well.

In my own arena, my focus lies in the following areas:
  • Teaching students how to maximize the use of online tools to work well.
  • Working at optimal differentiation for the group of students I'm working with so that everyone moves ahead with confidence and progress.
  • Designing lessons to engage students and teach well with opportunities for reach and good learning for all children.
  • Looking for ways to contribute to a "knowledge-age," professional climate in my school, school system, and professional affiliations so that the work I do contributes to quality , positive collaboration, support, and result.
Many dynamic professionals from my PLN will be at Edcamp Malden today. Just being around these dedicated educators always elevates my investment and work. I'm sure I'll have the chance to meet new educators too that share my quest to teach well. Onward.