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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Are You Ready for ECET2-MA2016?

Are you ready for ECET2-MA2016?

Before any educator event, I always think about my expectations and the preparation.

Selfishly during ECET2-MA2016 I hope to gain new inspiration, perspective, and ideas about how I can best teach ALL students. I want to honor the voices, dreams, needs, interests, and passions of ALL of my students, and I know that one way to reach for that goal is to learn from dedicated colleagues from multiple schools, communities, backgrounds, and experiences.

There will be lots of opportunity to share at ECET2-MA2016.

First, we'll ask you to fill out a Teacher2Teacher Why I Teach Blurb:

We'll also invite you to share a lightbulb moment. Yes Teacher2Teacher will be there with their cameras to film you if you'd like:

We'll also ask you to share your ideas about how we can best teach ALL students and make a rainbow quilt of those ideas offline and online. If you've got an idea now, you may share it on this online document.  You may write or draw in the square. I started the quilt with this simple, but often challenging note:

The Presentations, Colleague Circles, and Times to Meet and Greet will also provide time to share ideas and learn from one another. At the end of the event attendees will have a chance to share with the entire group inspiration and ideas. Also, at the reception following the main event, you may continue the conversation. Finally, you can pay it forward by completing a simple proposal for a mini grant for a bit of funding to promote the new learning with the students you teach.

There will be a chance to "talk" more about this tonight at our pre-event #ecet2ma2016 Twitter chat. Simply join us by searching #ecet2ma2016 and following the chat. In the meantime, if you have questions about the event, please reach out to the planning committee members noted on this page of the event website.