Monday, September 12, 2016

The Education Year: Teaching, Learning, Collaborating

This morning while I ponder, I'm thinking about the teaching/learning year and mapping my efforts in a "loose-tight" way to ensure that I teach well, learn, and collaborate with colleagues both within and outside of the system where I teach. The "loose-tight" aspect of the list means that there will always be room for additions, deletions, and change as needed and prompted by the overall focus which is to teach children well.

Primary Focus
The primary foci of this year is math/STEAM teaching, successful grade-level teaming, and regular, positive student feedback, response, and coaching including the following actions:
  • "Floor-to-Ceiling" Project Based Learning Approach in Math: Attention to differentiation and scaffolding learning experiences.
  • Teamwork and Design Process Focus for STEAM and Math teaching/learning.
  • Teach All Standards/Identified Curriculum Programs in Math/STEAM
  • Implementing a Regular Feedback Loop to Motivate, Inspire, and Coach Students Forward.

It's integral to stay up to date and continue to develop your practice each year that you teach. This year I'll do that with the following activities:
  • Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Teachers Advisory Cabinet TAC): Contribute/Learn with a team of educators throughout Massachusetts
  • Malden EdCamp: Share/learn with colleagues throughout State
  • ECET2-MA2016: Facilitate and Participate with a Focus on "Teaching ALL Students" with educators throughout Massachusetts
  • MassCUE: Presentation and Focus on tech integration
  • Educon 2.9: New Ideas, Deeper Teaching/Learning Focus
  • MTA Professional Development/Learning Committee: Focus on MTA's efforts related to professional development and learning
  • Wayland Institutes: Present and Participate
  • MTA Summer Conference: Present and Learn
  • Regular Reading, Research, and Writing
It's always great to do what you can to contribute to the greater organization. In addition to the efforts above, I'll also participate in a number of system-wide efforts including the following:
  • School Child Study Committee
  • WTA Board: School Representative and Secretary
  • WTA Salary and Working Conditions Committee
It's important to identify your professional road map now and then so that you keep it reasonable, focused, and in line with your overall goal to teach and learn well. 

The next step is to create a good pattern so that it becomes a natural effort to meet the goals and foci set.