Thursday, September 22, 2016

Teach Well: Goal Setting

Massachusetts educators undergo a yearly goal setting process as part of the evaluation system.

In our school district educators are asked to tie their goals to systemwide goals. Our systemwide goals this year are noted to the right.

As I worked on my goals this morning to prepare for my evaluation meeting. I determined that I'll propose the following goals:

Student Learning Goal
I will employ multiple teaching/learning strategies and experiences related to STEAM and math systemwide and state standards, grade-level integrated units, and student interest to elevate student achievement. The success criteria for this goal will be elevated student knowledge, skill, concept, performance, engagement, and desire to learn. Evidence of this will include student scores, project work, and parent, student, teacher reflections.

Professional Learning Goal
I will work with my grade-level colleagues to promote a culturally proficient teaching/learning that fosters wellness, global citizenship, and student achievement. The success criteria for this goal will be curriculum changes related to signage, pedagogy, language, and programming to reflect greater wellness, global citizenship, achievement, and cultural proficiency. Evidence will include details of specific curriculum program changes.

I like the way the yearly goal creation process centers one's work while also connecting that work to teammates and the collective school district's efforts.