Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lost in Email

I've been working with a team of teachers to plan ECET2-MA2016. We've made great use of Google forms and spreadsheets to help us organize the event.

The one change I'd make from the start, however, is to create a Google Doc conversation thread, website, or even a Google+ private community for all of our exchange rather than lots and lots of emails. I'm writing this down as I believe it's good advice for any group that is working together and wants to keep track of the work they are doing.

For example I'm also working with other groups who are sharing information, building community, and making decisions together. The emails have started, and I know we'll soon loose track of all these emails thus diluting the potential that exists for share, synergy, and collaboration.

What is your best tech vehicle for community building and share? How do you use it and why?

I'm thinking more about this at this turn in the education path. Thanks!