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Friday, August 05, 2016

The Dance of Big Ideas and Specific Action

Whenever I get engaged in promoting big ideas, I have to then go back to the specific actions I employ so that my individual work also reflects the big ideas. What does that mean today?

It means that I have to once again refine the teaching/learning path ahead.
  1. Ongoing analysis of facts and figures to ascertain the truth of what I do and what's happening around me.
  2. Continued professional learning: STEAM workshop, ECET2-MA2016, MassCUE: Tech Integration, TeachPlus Policy, Advocacy, Storytelling, ESSA online course
  3. Collaboration with grade-level colleagues, ECET2 colleagues, local union board, school/system community.
  4. Classroom set-up
  5. Preparation for early-year lessons, classroom routines, curriculum night presentation, and student routines.
  6. Studying the efforts and information related to "Hosting Conversations" and embedding those efforts that support talking with intention, listening with attention, attending to the welfare of the group all with a focus on wise action.
  7. Balancing personal/professional role, interests, and pursuits.
There's always much to learn with respect to our individual and collective efforts. If we commit to speaking up when we have good ideas, listening to the ideas of others, and working together to collectively improve our craft and service to students, we'll do well.