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Friday, August 05, 2016

Facebook Page: Teachers Helping Teachers

After five days at the MTA Summer Conference, I've been spending the day synthesizing the information learned and setting the path for the days ahead.

As part of that, I created a Facebook page to support teacher share within our local teachers' union. This page is meant to foster exchange of opportunity, messages, questions, and support. For example if you're selling your home, looking for a vacation spot, or trying to create a carpool, you can turn to this page if interested.

Also, if the page becomes popular, our local union can use it to alert members of meetings, new information, and more that supports what we do together to build a strong teaching/learning community

As I worked with others at the MTA Summer Conference, I realized that our strength comes from our solidarity. The more that we can support one another with respect, the better we can do our jobs and live our lives. There's so much potential with regard to our collective efforts, goals, and support.

Of course, we won't always agree, but respectful discourse and debate also serves to lead us forward since that kind of discussion helps us to build a system together.

If you work in the same district as me, I invite you to join this FB page. I created it and joined it with my professional Facebook page--a page I use to connect with educators near and far.

I keep my more personal/family Facebook page a bit more private and connected to my personal interests and close friends and family.