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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Teach Better

As I assess last year's teaching, I recognize that there are areas that I can better.

Better Pacing
Some students complained that I talked too fast. I'll work at pacing to meet the needs of students.

Parent Meetings
In some cases, parents weren't able to meet with me during the second conference period. I'll look into ways at the start of the year to help parents who have difficulty attending school meetings to find ways to meet to discuss their children's needs in more accessible ways.

No Computers or WIFI at Home
This continues to be an issue for some students. I need to work with families and our technology department sooner than later in the year to help these family members access technology and WIFI to assist their children's learning.

Student Response/Feedback
This is always a challenging area, but I want to try to create a pattern that fosters regular response in a doable, meaningful way. I will work with my teammates with regard to this need and see what ideas we can come up with together.

Struggling Math Students
These students made good progress last year, but I want to continue to look for ways to support these students well and increase their math learning gains.

Math Learning Engagement, Empowerment, and Success
I want to continue to look for the best ways to make math class engaging, empowering, and successful for all students. I will read more and work at the math learning design in this regard. Past teaching has been good, but there's always room for better.

STEAM Teams and Learning
How can I work with my team to continue to deepen and extend the STEAM learning opportunities including opportunities related to positive, proactive collaboration.

Opportunity Gap
How can I work with families and students to bridge the opportunity gap so that every child has access to the best possible learning, teaching, and academic success? I will begin this effort by presenting the opportunity gap idea to family members at parent night and inviting parents to speak up if they feel their child needs greater opportunity to succeed.

I want to work with colleagues to better what we can do together. Part of this will involve listening carefully to colleagues' ideas and successful efforts. Learning from each other and creating together supports strong, vital, and successful learning/teaching organizations.