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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Summer Study: Reflect for Success

Allow Reflect for Success to Lead Your Summer Education Learning and Reflection

A number of years ago when the Massachusetts Educator Evaluation System was just one-year old, I created a website, Reflect for Success.

The website leads educators through thirty-three reflections related to research-based, thought-provoking, practice-worthy effective elements of teaching well.

In the weeks ahead, I'll revisit this website as I prepare to present this body of work and process of reflection at the MTA Summer Conference. To prepare for the school year ahead, I recommend that you start a real-time or online journal, blog, or website. Then read one or more reflections a day and write your own reflection related to the element highlighted. As you write, you may think about your own practice and goals for the year ahead. This summer reflection will prepare you well for setting goals and developing your practice in the year ahead. Another idea, is to join me in Amherst, MA to jumpstart your reflection process during the "Reflect for Success" workshop. There is no cost to attend the many wonderful learning events at the MTA's Summer Conference and it's a chance to visit the beautiful town of Amherst and explore the University of Massachusetts.

As I revisit this effort, I welcome your feedback and wisdom. Daily reflection strengthens what we're able to do with and for the students we teach--it's a powerful process with regard to developing your teaching/learning practice and craft.