Monday, June 20, 2016

Year's End

We gave our full attention to students today on this final day of school.

We had a great day at the high school and took full advantage of the beautiful tennis courts, sports fields, and field house. I spent most of the time with an artistic crowd drawing, singing, dancing, and putting on a "Happy Hollow's Got Talent" show to the delight of many.

Later we enjoyed a pizza lunch, stupendous slide show created by a parent, and finally the clap out. I continue to believe this was one of my favorite teaching years out of all 30 years mainly due to the tremendous camaraderie of the team and the three-classroom shared model of teaching--a model that allows educators to truly reach potential and teach with depth and breadth. The satisfaction of teaching well is wonderful.

Now it's time for a reprieve. I'll shore up a few files and clean up a few shelves and tabletops tomorrow, and then I'll focus a bit on a few professional learning events and even more personal items to ready myself for perhaps, an even better year next year.

It's been a wonderful teaching year. I am grateful to the wonderful team that stood by me, collaborated with me, and pushed me forward too. I'm also grateful for my extended professional learning network (PLN) that stands by my side with ready information, good challenge, and support all year long.

Onward :)