Monday, June 27, 2016

Wayland Literacy Institute: Math Writing

Today and tomorrow I'll attend and present at The Wayland Literacy Institute. Since I mainly teach math, I'll focus my learning energy on the topic of writing in math.

As I listen, I'll wonder about the following questions:
  • How will I institute a practice of reflective math writing for math homework/classwork?
  • In what ways will I make embedding good math vocabulary part of this process?
  • How will I create multimedia creation opportunities for math writing, composing, and learning?
  • What vehicles will I use for math writing/learning? Will I mostly use Google docs, Google sites eblogger, kidblog, hard copy journal, shared threads. . . ?
  • How are other teachers inspiring habits of daily writing in math and other subjects?
Jo Boaler supports regular reflection to develop strong mathematical mindsets, so with that in mind I'll keep my focus on that work today as I present and learn.