Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Transparency, Efficiency, and Clarity Lead Good Work

I long for transparent, efficient, and clear communication and systems.

I know that sharing process and updates in timely, regular, and efficient ways saves time for quality teaching and learning.

When questions are responded to with honest information and a shared focus, we all profit.

Yet, it's rare to find this with regard to all aspects of one's professional sphere. There are likely to be areas of clarity and areas that are less clear and forthcoming.

It's never perfect.

So what does one do?

First, it's important to use as much respect, openness, clarity, and care in your own share and communication. Don't replicate behavior or communication that is disrespectful and ineffective. This can be difficult to do when you feel disregarded, but nonetheless it's an essential challenge to conquer.

Next, it's also important to aline your work with those that you respect--people who are good mentors for the quality work possible with children. Who are the educators in your midst that are doing a great job--educators whose example will lift your work?

After that direct your work and professional learning in ways that matter, ways that impact children well.

Too often I've volunteered time and energy in areas that result in more frustration than good work. I need to my learn my lesson in this regard and stay as clear as possible from these areas.

There exist areas of great support and substance, and it is in that direction I need to forward my time and energy. Onward.