Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thoughtful Responses

This week, two administrators in my system thoughtfully responded to questions I asked.

Rather than scold or not answer at all, they simply answered a couple of questions I asked with thoughtful, kind attention.

I was grateful for their responses.

Too often people treat questions and ideas as the enemy. Instead of kind, thoughtful, and honest responses, they decry the questioner with no response at all or a response that is brisk, unfriendly, and chastising.

What model do responses like that present? What message do they tell?

In my own communication, I want to follow the lead of the two administrators who took the time to respond with care and thought--I want to forward the positive communication possible as that's what builds strong, collaborative, and positive communities, and it's in those communities that we have the best chance to do our work well.