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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Parents are Vital Members of the Teaching/Learning Team

I meet so many good parents in my work--loving people who always go the extra mile to advocate for and support their children.

I was reminded of this today as we traveled over nature trails with many groups led by good parents donating their time to help students learn.

Where I teach each day, parents support our work with time, energy, creativity, honesty, and kindness. One of the best decisions I've made as a teacher is to support a team effort with regard to teaching and learning--a team effort that includes students, families, educators, administrators, leaders, and community members. When we work together, we do better.

Further having a servant leadership attitude towards parents helps a lot. This is an attitude that says, I'm here to help you. In addition, it's important to listen carefully to parent ideas, questions, and needs--the more we can support parents, hear their words, and employ their ideas as well as ours, the better we can support student teaching and learning.

Parents are often our best advocates in school. They are the ones who support us well, and they are the ones who know their children well. The more we can team with parents, the better we will do.