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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last Classroom Day

Tomorrow is our last classroom day since the final day is a day of celebration. The morning will start like most Friday mornings with our PLC that includes a number of wrap-up discussions. Not long after we'll have a half-hour with next year's TeamFive--we'll introduce ourselves, show them the class website as one way to introduce the class priorities and events, and then invite them to see their homerooms to share and ask questions.

This year's TeamFive students will have the opportunity to make a responsible free choice on the computers--they can play a game, make a Father's Day card, write a story, create, or simply look over the year's images if they'd like.

Next they'll attend their final library and tech class.

After that they'll receive their Memory Books and celebrate a teacher's upcoming wedding with a small surprise and song.

During the afternoon, we'll finish the film we've been watching off and on about Walt Disney's life, complete a final clean-up, attend the last band/orchestra session, pass out report cards, and enjoy an end-of-the-day recess.

The busiest events are complete and now it's time to relax and enjoy these fifth graders on their final days of elementary school. Onward.