Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What Drives You?

What work, efforts, and activity do you do no matter what? That's what drives you?

We are all drawn in different directions. Recently I was asked to collaborate in a way that doesn't drive me. I looked around and realized that some at that event were drawn in that direction with strength--an important direction, but one which is far from my interest or expertise.

It's good to experience those areas of life that don't draw you, but in general, our best efforts are probably those endeavors that match your passion, interests, and questions. For me, I have to say what drives me is learning with children--I love the enthusiasm, spark, creativity, and honesty children bring to learning. I truly love designing learning programs and endeavors with and for children that inspire their learning, curiosity, and invention.

I sometimes become frustrated by obstacles that impede this work. I may also avoid tasks that get in the way of this endeavor. As I think of this, I realize that I'm mostly well placed as an educator as that's work that drives me.

In realizing this, I realize that many who surround me in school and elsewhere are driven in different ways--their questions differ a little or a lot from mine. That isn't a problem, but an important recognition as there's no one way in teaching and learning well--it takes our diversity, synergy, and respect for one another to do the job well.