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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Watching the School Committee Meeting

I like to know what's going on. I mainly like to know because it informs my work well. I've been an advocate for effective communication patterns in this regard.

One way that I find out what's happening in my work environment is to watch the school committee meetings. I find the meetings interesting on many levels. First, the committee is made up of all women. It's interesting to see how they navigate the issues together. Next, the meeting is run by procedures and protocols--I find that interesting too. Most of all, they discuss issues that pertain to my professional world, information that can positively affect what I do.

The meeting I watched today provided an overview of math assessments K-12, that was thought provoking as I've never heard the whole program discussed like that before and I could see where my work fit into the overall picture of the program and the philosophy and decisions of the leaders who presented. I enjoyed listening to the questions and discussion related to this presentation.

A great second grade STEAM project was shared too. That gave me some good information for upcoming STEAM projects at fifth grade. The teachers who were pictured as leading the project are teachers in my school so that made me proud as they displayed such a great representation of what happens in our school.

Further there were a number of other shares and discussions. Public comments were shared too, comments that made me think deeply about the work we do and the values we stand for in many ways.

Thanks to the public meeting law, the school committee meetings are taped and available to any interested citizen. Watching those meetings is one way to stay informed of the efforts at play in your community, efforts that likely impact you.