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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A Good Day with the Class Community

As I suggested in an earlier post, we started the day with a discussion about class community. Students listened. I told them that I was talking as much for myself as for them since we all have to help one another in order to build a dynamic community. After that they took the test, then they read for quite a while.

The joy came when they raced out the door to play. Then there's was time for lunch, art,and more play--essentially it was a good day.

Tomorrow is more of the same--another PARCC test, play, math study, music, and biography research--a full day.

I've recovered from yesterday's discouragement. At the root of most of my disappointment is communication, lead time, and good process. So much of what creates obstacles in schools is simply due to a lack of good information share/discussion, lead time, and process. These elements are integral to build dynamic systems in the knowledge age we live in.

There are some ways that the information is forthcoming such as our weekly newsletter from the principal and our team meetings. We keep parents informed via a weekly newsletter and emails and phone calls as needed.

I can also watch the school committee meetings and read colleague's newsletters, the local paper, the local and State Union newsletters, the DESE newsletter/website, and school websites/newsletters. I continue to desire a weekly systemwide newsletter that informs the collective staff about what's happened, happening now, and planned for the future as I believe that more consistent, open share will build our community with even greater community and positivity.

In the meantime, it's good to know what's desired, and it's also good to know that I have eager students, supportive parents, multiple materials, and the ability to teach well most of the time.