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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Angst of New Endeavor

To try something new produces angst. Will it work? you wonder.

Yet, to not try something new or build an existing endeavor is to stay flat, not grow, and distance yourself from the potential possible.

Ideally, when you try something new, you're surrounded by support. However, sometimes there's not a lot of support for new ideas? When that happens, you have decide if you're up to the challenge of trying something new with little support. You have to determine if it's worth it or not?

I like to think of schools as dynamic organizations where every member has choice and voice over what happens. I like to think of schools as places where new ideas are embraced and new learning explored. I like to think of schools as places where there's responsible risk and mistakes can happen as we learn what works best for children. I envision these schools as places where communication is vigorous, regular, and consistent.

Of course no school or organization is ideal. We are all somewhere on the continuum between the ideal I mention and a more routine, traditional path.

Nevertheless, the angst of new endeavor exists, and the question remains, is this an angst you're ready to experience or do you prefer the status quo. Wondering.