Thursday, May 19, 2016

Super STEAM Study

Proud Inventor
 This morning I attended the High School Innovation Open House. I am still tingling from all the creativity and investment I witnessed not to mention the expertise, commitment, and learning design exhibited by the room's educator, Jay Moody.

I was struck by the students skill at "functional art" and creativity, and noticed so many terrific innovations that will better our communities and lives.

One innovation in particular named "Think" would be a great addition to our school. I'd like to write a grant to have that high school student implement that innovation to better our elementary community.

High School Principal and Student Entrepreneur
Another innovation immediately made me think of the work of entrepreneur, Sheila Marcelo, whom I've read about and met. I wanted that young entrepreneur to reach out to Sheila and show her the app she created as it's an app that would fit Marcelo's business focus well.

More innovations that I witnessed definitely could find their way into many markets, particularly the markets of aging baby boomers since they were innovations that make life easier and possibly safer.

The room itself was amazing, and the opportunities to use awesome tools to actually build your designs is terrific.

When I witness teaching and learning like this, I see so much promise for our future. The key here is to continue to develop, deepen, and broaden this approach to students everywhere. Great Job Wayland STEAM Stars!