Thursday, May 19, 2016

Health and Wellness: Intersection of School Health, Food Service, and Physical Education

Our school system is looking to coordinate its wellness programs more in the days ahead. I've read about schools that create teams that include food service, physical education, and the health professionals.

How might this work?

First, the team of these wellness professionals would need time to talk on a regular basis. I can imagine a health and wellness Professional Learning Community (PLC) that meets regularly to discuss the overall health and wellness of a learning community. This PLC focus might include the following:
  • school signage
  • acquisition of grants
  • professional learning
  • integrated activities
  • assessment of school needs and follow-up response
  • parent-teacher-student initiatives
  • related service learning
  • connection and intersection with related community organizations.
Next, this team would report their findings, efforts, and vision to all staff, and perhaps integrate their work further into specialist and classroom activities including recess and special events. 

Creating vibrant teams within schools and then giving them time to work their magic is essential to the learning and teaching possible. These dynamic teams rid school staff of the hindrance that isolation creates and instead invigorate promise and possibility. We have so much potential in this regard.