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Friday, May 06, 2016

Seeking Mentors

Who are your mentors?

Who are the individuals you look up to for leadership?

Who inspires you?

At a meeting this morning a teacher spoke with passion as she recounted work of those who mentor her through their writing, outreach, and books?

We have many we can look to online and off for leadership, new ideas, coaching, and direction, yet do we have those individuals in our life that truly challenge us and make us better as teachers and learners?

Where do we find those individuals?

Is it by chance or by intention?

Perhaps one avenue to acquiring mentors is to mentor each other in collegial groups with similar goals and focus.

I want to think about this idea of mentors and I want to think about it with depth. I want to read more about it, and how people late in their career still seek out and find powerful mentors to lead their work forward.

I like the idea of this new quest. It also fits well with a meeting I'm about to attend this afternoon, perhaps I'll find some answers there. Seeking.