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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Good Process

So much of what we do relies on good process.

Too often the processes we use represent old think and old models of teaching and learning.

We need to rethink our processes so that we are using policy, procedures, and process that are better matched for the knowledge age we live in.

What are the elements of old process that limit what's possible?

What are the elements of new process that empower the best of what we can do?

Too often process in schools rushes from problem to solution without reflective, inclusive, transparent assessment, conversation, debate, and strategizing.

Also, too often, communication is not transparent, inclusive, or accessible.

And, factory model schedules and structures keep professionals mired whereas a new look at schedules and structures can create greater growth and share.

I am playing with these ideas. Systems, schools, and educators are moving in these directions. I want to think more about this. Please share if you have related ideas, challenge, questions, or thoughts. Thank you.