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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Environmental Action: Changing the Way we Live and Work

I just met with a local environmental expert. She stirred in me many questions about how we run school with respect to caring for and protecting the environment. Many in my school community have already signed on to this perspective, and while I believe in it, I have a lot to learn.

I'm wondering where we'll take this work in the following year.

For starters, students will learn more about composting, reducing, recycling, and reusing from this woman and other experts in the days ahead. During the summer I'll learn more about this through my work with Stearns Farm, and as I plan the curriculum for the next year. When I'm working with numbers and math/STEAM concepts, I want to, as much as possible, work with meaningful data, and that data might be data connected to earth-friendly themes and actions.

The key here is to learn in a step by step fashion. I'll begin by listening carefully to upcoming workshops to learn with the students. Over the summer I'll engage in a number of related learning events and read up on the subject. I'll do what I can to join other teachers in my school who have already moved in this direction. Yet another worthy path on the teaching/learning journey.