Friday, April 29, 2016

Would This Leadership Letter Inspire You?

An inspiring leadership letter might sound like this.

Dear __________Team,

I want to update you on what we've done, what we are currently doing, and what's to come. I welcome your feedback and ideas with regard to any and all of the information below.

It was amazing to take a look at the systemwide results of the __________, I noticed that so many more students in the ________ range improved substantially. I know this is due to all the special efforts educators have made to lead to this improvement. Some efforts I am aware of include the following:

  • Extra attention to vocabulary work
  • Integration with the art specialist to develop concept models and maps
  • Parent-Teacher-Student Coaching Session
  • Attendance at the ______ Professional Learning event.
What other efforts did you use or notice that contributed to this growth? Let's keep a list that we can refer to next year when we embark on this effort again.

I also noticed that there were a few students in the ________ group that did not show improvement. I'm stumped by this. What do you think we can do better for these students? What do you need? What do they need? What common characteristics does this group share that might affect their performance? Let's make these students a focus of our next PLC Meetings.

Current Efforts
I know that everyone is busy getting ready for the end-of-year all-school Open House. What can I do to help? What do you need? Let me know.

I think it's awesome that everyone agreed to try out this new idea, an idea we all viewed in the movie, Most Likely to Succeed. I hope that everyone will jot down a few notes about what works well with this effort and what we can do next year to improve it if we decide to do it again.

Future Thoughts
As you know the State is moving to MCAS 2.0 next year. Let's not wait for this effort to arrive, and instead do what we can to prepare.

I was thinking that it might be best to form a committee that's willing to read the information and send out updates to system leaders, educators, and parents. I also thought that this committee could do some end-to-start planning to help everyone prepare for the tests.

I've spoken to the administration and they've agreed to pay committee members $1,000 dollars for working on this committee which could possibly start the first week of school. The committee size will be six--two from each school. Do you think this is a good idea or do you have a better idea?

Add your thoughts to this Google doc so that everyone can see what you think, and also add your name if you will be interested in serving on this committee. If we get too many people, we can think of a fair way to either split the work or choose who will serve. It's probably best to get a good mix of grade levels, experience levels, and responsibilities.

Questions, Comments, or Further Ideas
I welcome your thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to add any comments in the comments section below. I'll make every effort to respond asap. It's in our collective, collaborative, and inclusive work that we serve children well. I appreciate the fact that you're willing to team with me to teach well. Thank you.