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Friday, April 29, 2016

Leadership Protocols

What leadership protocols inspire?

What leadership protocols help students and educators do their best work?

As I think of this, I think of the following protocols:

Kind leadership is important. We can't be kind enough to our students. This can be challenging at times, but it's imperative.

It's imperative that we're honest with our students. Tell the truth.

Inclusive, Easy to Access Communication
Keep the team informed about where we've been, we're we are, and we're we are going. The more everyone knows, the better they're able to grow individually and collectively.

Shared Leadership and Team
Work collaboratively to solve problems, create, and improve. When everyone feels like part of the team, everyone works with greater satisfaction.

"The Politics of Difference"
Accept, recognize, and maximize the potential of differences rather than seek "one size fits all" solutions and think.

Look for ways to revise and create the learning environment together. Use knowledge as "energy" to make things better, synthesize, and create.

Understand the unique positions every individual is in. Show care and compassion. Listen to people's stories and support each person's individual path.

Respect and Empathy
Understand that no one has all the answers. Be open to new ideas. Be ready to admit you're wrong or that you erred. Try to see situations from others viewpoints.

Mission and Vision
Keep the mission and vision of your work center stage in all things you do. For elementary educators that's the kind, thoughtful, and proactive care and coaching of young children.

Lead Learner
Rather than manager, be the lead learner. Share what you know and work with others to develop your craft and learn and know more.

What other protocols would you add to this list?